​​​Our goal is to provide participants with positive festival experiences, which encourage further study and achievement in music, dance, and speech.

​"Dancing is part of my soul.  

It makes people happy, and it makes me happy. "

- John Travolta

"Music is a higher revelation than philosophy"

- Ludwig Van Beethoven

The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival is held annually and provides opportunities for amateur  performers to demonstrate their achievements in music, dance, and speech and to have their performances professionally evaluated in a constructive and positive manner.

​The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival qualifies participants for the Performing Arts BC Festival, where amateur performing artists can earn the opportunity to represent British Columbia at the nationals.

The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival is multi-disciplinary.  In 2018, we will host twelve events during a two-month long festival. This includes dance, choral, classical voice, musical theatre, popular voice, speech & dramatic arts, brass & woodwinds, composition, orchestra & chamber, strings, concert band and piano.  

              DANCE                                        VOICE                                              MUSIC              

All our events are held in professional venues and are adjudicated by esteemed professionals. 

Last year, more than 3,000 participants performed in our festival and we entertained over 5,000 audience members.  We also handed out over $10,000.00 in awards and scholarships at our Gala Concert.