Dance is a big part of the Kelowna Kiwanis Festival.

It is one of the most popular events of our multi-disciplinary festival with hundreds of entries expected this year comprising a full week of festival.

The dance festival will be held in the Mary Irwin Theatre in beautiful downtown Kelowna.

There is a warm-up space and  changing area backstage in the Green Room and the Salloum Room.

The Kelowna Kiwanis Dance Festival is divided into three basic components: Ballet, Modern Dance, and Stage Dance. Within each dance discipline are several classes described in detail in the syllabus.

Dance entries can be solo, duo, trio, small group, or large group.  

All dance entries require that participants bring their music on USB.

Dance scheduling is done according to class and age categories as in a recital. 

Dancers must be ready to perform (backstage) 20 minutes prior to their scheduled performance time; once the performance is over, dancers will await the adjudication of their class/category backstage.  

During the adjudication (when the dancers in the recital group are called back on stage), the adjudicator will address the group of dancers as whole and may talk to each performer (if time allows) with constructive and encouraging comments. Also if time allows, the adjudicator may also do some workshop and masterclass activities with the performers individually and/or together.  

No grades are ever announced: these are confidential and will never be released without written permission.

The focus of the recital is on performance--not competition. Performers should be encouraging and complimentary to each other as this festival is first and foremost a celebration of individual and group achievement in dance!  

After the adjudication, dancers are encouraged to join the audience and cheer on/support the dancers in the other classes and categories.

The results of the competition will be released a day or two after the festival is completed.  Awards and scholarships will be handed out at the Gala Concert.  The decision of the adjudicator in all cases is final and binding.

Participants, who are selected by the adjudicator, as provincial nominees will be contacted and offered competitor, or merited participant opportunities for the BC Provincial Festival.