The Choral Festival is a celebration of choral music and the choirs/directors who join together to create this great music.

This is surely one of the treasures of the festival and attracts the widest range of ages from the very young to the more experienced.  The choral festival is also a favourite with audiences.

The Choral Festival will be held in the Mary Irwin Theatre at the Rotary Centre for the Arts.  Choirs need to follow the directions of the stage manager, but generally need to be in the warm-up room (The Salloum Rehearsal Hall) 30 minutes prior to their scheduled performance.

After assembling on the stage and risers, the choirs perform their selections for the audience and adjudicator.  Note: the directors are required to introduce their selections to the audience.

After the performance time, the adjudicator joins the choir on stage and addresses the choir with an encouraging and constructive assessment.  The adjudicator also engages in workshop/master class activities with the choir as needed and as time allows. (The choir remain on stage for this as well)

After the performance/adjudication time is complete (30 minutes), the choir exists the stage.  Typically, most choirs go back to the audience to listen to and encourage the other choirs in the festival as time allows.

Performances are recorded and used for submission if a choir is recommended to the Provincial Competition.

During the choir performances, no grades or competitive placements are shared with the audience.  The focus of the festival is on performance, learning, and encouraging each other and celebrating this music.  The results of the competition will be released a day or two after the festival performances are complete.