​We rely on volunteers, donations, and sponsors to achieve our mission while ensuring that each performer has a wonderful festival experience that encourages further study in their discipline.​

We believe that it is only through building strong community partnerships and being strategically focused that we will successfully grow the Festival and be able to continue to provide a one-of-a-kind community experience, which will meet with the increasing demand for the Kelowna Kiwanis Festival in the community.

The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival

​​​We are a board-governed, non-profit (and registered charity) organization.  The Kiwanis Music Festival Society of Kelowna oversees all aspects of the Festival. Membership in the society is open to the public.  Festival Executive positions are elected from the membership.

Our Mission and Vision

About Us

We provide an annual festival for aspiring performing artists to showcase their achievements in dance, music, and voice to their community and peers while having their performances evaluated in a constructive and positive manner.

Kiwanis Music Festival Society of Kelowna
​Board & Executives

Zonia Arnold, President
Marion MacNeil, Secretary
Eric Reitsma, Treasurer
​Karen Jo-Anne Sigurdson, Communications 
Sandy Kakoschke, Volunteer Coordinator
Denise Andre, Director (Dance)
Graham Vink, Director
Althea Di Gregorio, Director​
Dulcie Sharpe, Director
John Przywara, Director​​
Stephen Berg, Executive Director