Popular Voice is the newest part of the Kelowna Kiwanis Festival and is held on the stage of the beautiful Mary Irwin Theatre in the Rotary Centre for the Arts.

This discipline includes many styles of music and participants are invited to perform in one or more of the following genres of music: Rock, Pop, Country, Folk, Rhythm & Blues, and Jazz.

As Popular Voice is a celebration of a diversity of popular music, acoustic accompaniment is permitted and encouraged.  However, commencing this year pre-recorded music and/or tracks are no longer allowed.

Performances on the stage are arranged as in a recital; this is to say that several singers will be performing consecutively for the audience.  After the recital group has finished, the adjudicator will then address the performers in the group with encouraging and constructive comments.

Prior to each recital group performance, the adjudicator secretary will first call members of the recital group up to the front row (reserved for singers) and collect original music books and/or scores to give to the adjudicator.

Singers will perform in the order given in the official programme and will have access to a microphone if so desired.  

Please note:  Memorization of music is required as no song sheets are permitted on stage.

In addition, singers are required to introduce their selection prior to performing.  It is a good idea to rehearse this before the festival to ensure a professional and clear delivery.  After the performance, singers should acknowledge their audience with bow or curtsy to thank them for their support and attention.

After performing (and acknowledging the audience), the performer returns to his/her seat in the front or stage awaiting the adjudication.  

During the adjudication, the adjudicator will address the group as whole and each performer with constructive and encouraging comments. 

If time allows, the adjudicator may also do some workshop and masterclass activities with the performers individually and/or together.  

No grades are ever announced: these are confidential and will never be released without written permission.

The focus of the recital is on performance--not competition. Performers should be encouraging and complimentary to each other!  

Remember this festival is first and foremost a celebration of individual and group achievement in vocal music! 

After the recital, the adjudicator secretary will return the music to the performers along with a confidential percentage grade and written comments.

Once everyone in the recital group has received their music and written evaluations/grade, they leave the performance stage area and can return to the audience to watch more of the festival.

The results of the competition will be released a day or two after the festival is completed.  Awards and scholarships will be handed out at the Gala Concert.  The decision of the adjudicator in all cases is final and binding.