​​Kelowna Kiwanis Festival

Welcome to our 91st consecutive year!

We are glad to have you join us.  We are excited about the upcoming festival year—as we celebrate Canada 150 through speech, dance, and music here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

We are a growing festival!  Due to increased entries of last year, we have planned for ~3000 individual performers and ~4000 audience members spread out over 27 days of Festival in 12 separate disciplines for this year (including our new Popular Voice Festival.)

It’s easy to partner with us as a Festival Sponsor! 

Full page black/white advertisement/poster in the print programme; colour page advertisement/poster online (downloadable) e-programme and syllabus; separate “learn more” page on our website.  

Half page black/white advertisement/poster in the print programme; colour half page advertisement/poster on the online (downloadable) e-programme and syllabus; separate “learn more” page on our website.

Business Card (1/8 page) black/white in print programme; colour business card online.

We expect to download/view over 2000 programmes and syllabi while record over 10,000 web site visits as well as print/distribute 500 programmes. 

In addition to these options, we are open to other sponsorship opportunities; many aspects/assets of the festival can be sponsored. 

For example, a company or individual may wish to sponsor the piano used for the piano festival, or an organization may wish to sponsor the venue used for the popular voice festival performances.  A business or individual may wish to sponsor flowers for our Gala Concert. 

The possibilities are many—and we are actively seeking partners to join us in our mission and goals in our community.

Also, a company, organization, individual, or group can sponsor an award and/or scholarship in the festival.  Please see our “Award and Scholarship Donor and Sponsorship” pages for more information regarding these important aspects of our festival. 

One great opportunity to show your Canadian pride and patriotism is to sponsor one or more of our Canada 150 Scholarships.

Please call any time to discuss all sponsorship ideas and opportunities. 

The print deadline for advertising in the Canada 150 Festival Programme is February 15, 2017.

Sincerely—and on behalf the Kelowna Kiwanis Board of Directors,

Marv Machura

Executive Director, Kiwanis Music Festival Society of Kelowna

Office: 778-581-8018
721 Bernard Avenue
Kelowna, BC
V1Y 6P6

Marion MacNeil, President
Zonia Arnold, Vice President
Eric Reitsma, Treasurer
Sandy Kakoschke, Volunteer Coordinator
Gill Goadby, Secretart
Chris Thatcher, Director
Bob Bissell, Director
Denise Andre, Dance Director

Kelowna Kiwanis 2017 Festival Sponsorship Opportunities