​​Kelowna Kiwanis Festival

An Open Letter to Returning or New Scholarship Donors and/or Sponsors,

Thank you for joining our 2017 Festival Scholarship program.  Last year, we presented over $10,000.00 in scholarships and awards to aspiring performers.

I receive many letters of appreciation in my role as Executive Director, and I know how much these awards encourage further study in their discipline.  For example, one letter excitedly explained how her scholarship was needed “to help her get to the Provincial Festival!”  Another told how he “would be saving it toward his dream of going University to study composition after high school.”

I am very proud of how our festival continues to develop this program to encourage education in speech, dance, and music.  We have to keep up the fight to ensure that these disciplines stay in the curriculum and in our community.  This is one way to put “our money where our mission is.”

Please ask to see the list of proposed scholarships and awards (working copy) that we are excited to fill-in and expand this year.

To become a donor or a sponsor of one of the awards, reply via email or give me a call, and I will get back to you with everything you will need. 

Sincerely—and on behalf the Kelowna Kiwanis Board of Directors,

Marv Machura,

To clarify:  a donor is eligible to receive a Federal Tax deductible receipt whereas a sponsor is not eligible for this tax deduction; sponsors enter a business relationship with the festival and are eligible for a business invoice for services or goods given. 

The Kelowna Kiwanis Festival Scholarship/Award Program accepts both sponsors and donors and applies 100% toward the scholarship(s) of your choice or creation.

Note: the deadline for publishing the Syllabus is November 28, 2015; the deadline for the Festival Programme is February 15, 2017.

Kelowna Kiwanis 2017 Scholarship and Awards Program